The Catamaran Sailing Experience

Catamarans in the Philippines are mainly used for recreational activities. Especially this summer season, expect to see catamarans cruising in the prime sailing destinations in the Philippines such as Puerto Galera, Subic Bay, and Boracay. Are we missing something? Only three islands were mentioned? In our geography class, they taught us we have, say, more than 7,000, right? So many islands to see, so little time. If only we have a catamaran to explore the Philippines in its entirety.

What are the recreational activities you can do while on-board a catamaran? As a water vessel, the first thing we could think of is it is perfect for island hopping not just in the Philippines but all over the world. Awesome, yes—but it is also a kind of a pricey expedition. Yet somewhere out the seven seas, a certified mariner has set foot on 25 countries. His name is Jonathan Jagot, a teen wildlife photographer who sails on a catamaran. His passion for photography won him a BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2015 under the 15-17 years old category. Below is the image of his winning entry:

red ibis


Red Ibis by Jonathan Jagot

What’s ironic about this image, according to National History Museum of UK is “these towering dunes provide an unusual backdrop for the scarlet ibis, a wading bird usually associated with the marshes and mangroves that line the coast of Brazil.”


This is where he lives

Sailing around the world is sometimes considered as an impossible feat, so, let us start with our own country first. It has more than 7,000 islands, remember? In addition to the three locations we’ve mentioned above, Yodisphere recommends Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte; Taal Lake, the “Sailing Mecca of the Philippines”; and of course, Manila Bay. Or if you’re ready to go out the borders of the Philippines while riding a catamaran (anyone can hope, right?), the Huffington Post suggests four of the world’s remote destinations. On their list are the Turtle Island in Fiji, Bora Bora in French Polynesia, Fulidhoo in Maldives, and Pico in Azores.

Marine-Knowledge describes catamarans, or simply called ‘cats’ in marine lingo, as a type of water craft consists of two hulls and a mast at the center. It came from the Tamil word ‘Kattumaram’ which means logs joined together. Besides island hopping the other water activities you can do while aboard are swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and everything under the sun. You can also use it to spot a Loch Ness monster. Yup. It is no other than the legendary ‘Nessie’ of Scotland.

The company Cruise Loch Ness invested in a £1.4million catamaran which they named the “Spirit of Loch Ness,” the Scotsman reports. This is another use of a catamaran driven by passion—the passion to spot the elusive inhabitant of the Scottish waters. Either the cruise company’s purpose is to attract tourist or to unlock the mystery of ‘Nessie’ which started since the 6th century, only they know.

spirit of lochness


The Spirit of Loch Ness

The “Spirit of Loch Ness” is not your typical catamaran. It can carry up to 220 passengers and it has monster-sized windows to offer a perfect viewing opportunity of the Loch Ness. The luxury water vehicle is expected to sail in April 2017.

For the meantime, let the catamarans in the Philippines sail on our cool aquamarine waters, under the summer sun.

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Racing Against Time through Catamarans

Racing with the Stars

catamaran Philippines

photo courtesy by:

In the recent America’s Cup, Tom Cruise and his son Connor took the water sporting stage by steering the Emirates New Zealand’s high tech Catamaran after defeating Italy’s representative. The father and son tandem were a guest from Warner Brothers, a sponsor for the New Zealand team. They were just great athletes! They helped the professional sailors of the New Zealand team to propel the Catamaran given that it is dangerous to drive this kind of boat if your still not used to it. To know more about Catamarans, try this: Catamaran Philippines

One Big Fight

Catamaran Philippines

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Recently, the greatest comeback in the water sports world history came into reality. It was when the 2010 America’s Cup holder BMW Oracle Racing which represents the Golden Gate yacht Club overcame a huge deficit from the challenger Emirates Team New Zealand in the 2013 America’s Cup which both used AC72 Catamarans. It was a one sided Finals match with Emirates New Zealand holding the lead 8-1 until the BMW Oracle Racing got its bearing and raced to get the win 9 to 8. It was really for the Kiwis because they almost dethroned the Golden Gate Yacht Club until opportunity passed through them. There are speculations circulating the web that BMW Oracle Racing Team added an automatic control to their hydrofoil trim which made the difference half way of the race. BMW Oracle didn’t issue an official statement about the issue.